Tuesday, June 10, 2014

the bibs' wedding!

we finally got our wedding photos, and boy were they worth the wait!

it was such a fun and beautiful party.  for all the headache and anxiety we had in planning it, it was such a thrill to see it all come together, and so well!  our guests loved the setup and decoration, despite bib warning me that most would hate it.  so we were really happy to hear that!  everything came together, from the decorations, the centerpieces, and that cake!

there was one part of the wedding that didn't exactly go as planned.  we had planned this great finale with coldplay playing, and our whole party sending off about 40 sky lanterns into the cairo sky.  bib and i went first, sending ours adrift over the nile, but heavy winds caused major technical difficulties.  instead of flying out over the nile, some of the lanterns were flying right into the hotel building, one even fell onto the restaurant below us!  ours was the only one that actually made it.  so while it was a great idea in theory, the reality was a little less so.  at least we have photographic evidence of the idea!

as far as the wedding is concerned, we're glad that it happened, glad that it was such a great success... and especially glad that it's over!


  1. one word: STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 you both and awe-struck at how amazing this looks, how you pulled this off, and how i am so proud of you!