Friday, June 20, 2014

the bib express! (moving out of zamalek!)

all good things come to an end.  and soon the bibs will embark on a new chapter of living in cairo, and move out of zamalek.

as our apartment lease ends this month, bib and i are getting ready to move into my grandmother's apartment in agouza.  it's going to be really sad to leave zamalek, but it's the most practical and wise decision for us.

we have acquired a lot, despite the fact that we live in a (badly) furnished apartment.  and since we are planning to move to nyc this summer (hopefully, inshallah, fingers crossed!), we're trying to be smart about the way we pack.  there will be suitcases that we pack, that won't be opened again until we're in new york.  and then there are suitcases we'll pack, with stuff we'll leave behind in cairo.  plus, suitcases with stuff we'll still need until we leave.  so everything has to be categorized, packed well, and i'm actually taking notes of where everything is, including all the souvenirs, bowls, ceramics, etc.  it's a big undertaking.

and we'll need at least 2 more bags...

so big, that although we have 6 bags, we will most likely need 2 more.  bib's books will require 1 bag alone, another for his suits and our wedding outfits.  luckily, egyptair is usually very lenient about excess baggage on their flights.  you'll often see families traveling with herds of bags, and i can never understand what the hell they are bringing with them in all that luggage!  maybe now i understand a little bit!  but i imagine that when we head back, it'll be the same scenario for us, 2 people and an embarrassingly large amount of luggage!  so just in case, in the event that we do have to pay excess baggage fees, i'm looking to buy us 2 extremely cheap bags.  they literally only have to stay together through the 1 trip.

friday morning after prayer time, bib and i headed over to mohandisin to shop for our suitcases.  i noticed there was a cheapie shoe shop right next to the street vendors selling luggage, so in order to not look like we came by taxi just to buy their suitcases, i diverted us to the shoe shop to "browse".  after buying 2 pairs of shoes (i am impossible), we went on to look at luggage.  no matter how ugly or cheap a shoe selection, i always end up finding something to buy.  post to follow on my cute new shoes.

the vendors actually had a better selection than what we were expecting, especially for the prices they gave us.  we obviously had a price point in mind, and didn't need the nicest bags.  but let's not overlook the fact that i'm still pretty vain and picky.  so we were being specific about colors, and of course the 4-wheel option is a must with heavy bags.

after about 40 min of chatting, browsing, and testing between the two vendors, we finally returned to our preferred vendor and narrowed down our selections.  while bib was making his final haggling attempt, while deciding between 2 different bags, i noticed something incredible.  something so amazing, our decision had been made for us.  it was destiny.

behold, the bib express.

samsonite, DVF, and bib express.  there's no other way to come to america.

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