Monday, February 17, 2014

be mine, forever.

now that i have THE someone in my life, valentine's day is actually a cute day that i look forward to.

since we had a wedding to go to at night (i know, a couple getting married on valentine's day, gag), we had to celebrate early.  bib decided he wanted "purple," so off we went to one of our favorite spots, bubbalicious, for brunch.  he enjoyed some yummy nutella stuffed pancakes, while i had healthy eggs with salsa... and bubble tea!!

while enjoying our brunch, bib and i had a "debate" over whether or not our life could be defined as "simple".  i swear that our life is simple, and wonderful!  we're not the type that has to go out to fancy restaurants and clubs, and get decked out and spend tons of money to validate our relationship.  we do go out all the time, but we never have fun because of where we are; we have fun because of whom we're with.  he argues that we aren't simple at all.  we go out, we try different foods/restaurants, we go to the opera often, we travel, we like and do so many atypical things... he argues that our life is too exciting to be labeled as simple.

but our life is simple.  we spend beautiful weekend mornings having coffee outdoors.  we grocery shop together a lot, and i cook, a lot-lot!  we stay in and stream tv shows or watch downloaded movies.  we sit and chat for hours, yet the conversation never dries up.  or we say nothing at all, and we are comfortable and content.  we are each others' world.  and as long as we're together, we're happy.  that's all it takes.  

at the wedding, i finally got to wear the dress i went to the wekala for, weeks ago.  i went there with a completely different dress and fabric in mind, but when my fabric guy hooked me up with this stunning 2-sided sequin fabric, i had to have it.  i thought up a completely different style dress on the spot.  it was by far, my best creation, although i can't not give credit to my wonderful tailor, despite the fact that i seriously wanted to kill him during this dress-tailoring.

although bib is/was not a dancer, he's really grown into it!  now he asks me to go dancing, and we had our fix this weekend.  he's the best dance, fun, life, work, partner in-crime.


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  1. Gorgeous dress!!! By the way, what would be a simple date for bib? One of the simplest (and best) dates I've had was walking around Central Park one afternoon.