Tuesday, September 2, 2014

our last weekend at the beach - a wedding in sokhna!

one of bib's good friends from college got married over the weekend, at a wonderful wedding at the red sea, in sokhna.  it was hands down, the best and cutest wedding we'd ever been to.  sadly, i didn't take pictures of the decor, but it was your quintessential pinterest wedding- with long rows of tables, multi-color painted wood chairs, and lots of colorful ribbons strung between umbrellas, between the tables.  it was so picturesque and adorable.  the couple had arranged this wedding exclusively for friends, so we just partied the night away on the shore.  it was so much fun.

the guys were advised to dress according to the theme, and i was shocked to see that they did all follow suit!  everyone had the most adorable preppy/geek chic look going on, it was great!  guys were wearing bow ties, suspenders, pastel colors, loafers, it was adorable!  bib looked so good, as usual.  i am a huge fan of the geek chic- and bib is not afraid to wear colors, so it's always fun for me.

i have no idea why i'm making this face, but it's the only pic we took together

the following morning, we woke up and spent the day at the beach.  we both realized that one of the best things about living in cairo is that in any direction, you're just a few hours from some of the world's best beaches.  they're right here, a day or weekend getaway away.  europeans flock here, divers come on pilgrimages here, and i have to say, we definitely did take full advantage of this opportunity together, and went to the beaches often.  this was my last chance to get to the beach before moving back home, so we savored every moment.

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